About Our Company

Operating with the highest ethical standards, Eliasen & Andrews, PLLC takes very seriously the trust you place in us as our clients. We strive to bring you the highest level of legal expertise at a price that is manageable.

The firm has a strong reputation for being honest, professional, and experienced. We are committed to helping our clients resolve their current difficulties and protect against future problems that could or will arise.

Honest & Effective Solutions for Estate & Business Planning

The Team

Lyle Eliasen has been in practice for more than Forty-two Years and has a broad range of experience in many areas of the law. He was born and raised in Power County and continues to be committed to the success of the community. His status is now  "Of-Counsel" for the firm.

Curry Andrews has legal experience ranging from New York and Washington DC to Washington state and Idaho. He sold his firm in Washington and moved to Idaho where he has practiced exclusively ever since. He has experience in many areas of the law and has focused primarily on Estate Planning, Business Transition and Elder Law. Curry has family all over Eastern Idaho and is delighted to make American Falls his permanent home. He is a member of various legal and charitable organizations including Rotary and Lions Club.